In the framework of the 10th Anniversary of Argentina Social Uprising of 19-20 December 2001, the project “ESPEJOS” (MIRRORS) join the AND AND AND series through an experience of collective wandering from the crisis of representation to the representation of the crisis.


CRISIS & REPRESENTATION is the first “moment” and launching of ESPEJOS, a contextual project in time based on collaborative extra disciplinary research, with the coordination of Loreto Garin Guzman (Chile) + Federico Zukerfeld (Argentina) cofounders of the group Etcetera… and members of the International Errorist movement.

The project has born in late 2010 as a part of a militant research about the role of the cultural industries in the official celebrations of Latin-American Bicentenary of the “independencies”.  Then, the project was conceived as a series of informal meetings, conversations, presentations, exhibitions and other experiences with theorists, artists, activists and other organizations. A main part of the project will be the exhibition “El Camino Incierto al Pais de las Maravillas” (Rocky Road to Wonderland) during the months of May-June 2012 at Cultural Centre for Memory Haroldo Conti located in the E.S.M.A, building of the former military school and concentration camp during the last dictatorship which was expropriated and recovered in 2004, transforming it into museum and national archive of memory.

The CRISIS & REPRESENTATION experiment plays a social readymade in a contextual displacement:  it happens around the gardens and buildings which surrounded the public park Parque Centenario. That was the place where was founded during the 2001 crisis the biggest assembly of all the neighborhoods (asamblea interbarrial).  Now, the garden is full of grilles, and in the same site were was occupied by assemblies, today, there is a popular fair, mix of fleamarket and young cultural underground space, which people use to cooking, drinking, playing music, sell and buy all kind of things, in the “party” of consumerism and precarious commerce, continuing as symbolic representational mirrored space of crisis and recovering.

Argentina 2001 was a laboratory for neoliberal capitalism, an early example of the barbarism which has produced by the averages of adjustment, spending cuts and privatizations. Submission to the decisions of international lending organizations and the pressure of the markets with the complicity of local agents plunged the country into a dark burrow. The Argentine case worked out as an experiment which exemplifying what “must not do” and its people are still suffering the consequences of these policies. Suddenly in 2011, after 10 years and many political changes, the country now is re-introduced into the world as “an example for get out of the crisis”.  Like distorted reflections that produce a fragmented mirror, the current scenario seems exactly the reversal of that other context. As a big paradox of this mirror effect, all those measures which are applied right now in the entire world are exactly the same measures Argentina took immediately previous the social economic crash.  Taking “mirror” as a metaphorical conceptual key, the whole project is organized and developed based on physical optical phenomena’s: the refraction, reflection, interferences, and images composition, as analogies of social processes of build up the collective memory and identity.

The menu includes: the launching of the project, a mediumship experience in recent memory
invoking those rebel spirits from the former assembly, now converted into market. Then it continues, between dinosaurs around the galleries of the Natural Science Museum celebrating the fall of the Tyrannosaurus, with an anthropophagic picnic-talk, searching communal interpretations of the transformations in the discourses and narratives.

To back again in the park gardens, in a little soccer field, an improvised football match-debate: the militant sport game where “everyone plays in the same team”. With the sunset, the walk finishes with a stellar performance in the telescopic of  the Astronomical Observatory which helping to enjoy both faces of the Moon (and Jupiter) looking up to the new constellations which grows from the oldest cosmogonies of the marxian re-evolution.



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