Placement of plaque-monument “IN MEMORIAM: QUE SE VAYAN TODOS ( All of them must go!) 2001-2011″.   Collective action.  During the crisis of 19/20 December 2001, the park was closed to stop the meetings of the biggest assemblies. At that time many sculptures, busts and bronze monuments inside the park were stolen, leaving the podiums empty.

The action consisted of the placement of a plaque in an empty monument with the text: “IN MEMORIAM: QUE SE VAYAN TODOS 2001-2011 (All of them must go)” as signaling of the absence of those assemblies today and the vacuum caused by the crisis of representation.  Trial and punishment for the politician’s responsible.

Photography: Hernán Cardinale.

“Celebrating the fall of the Tyrannosaurus” Collective action.  Performance with the flag in Arab and Spanish_   QUE SE VAYAN TODOS (All of them must go) between dinosaurs at the galleries of the Natural Science Museum celebrating the fall of the Tyrannosaurus, with an anthropophagic picnic-talk, searching communal interpretations of the transformations in the discourses and narratives.

The Nest of the Hornero” Public intervention. Family of birds occupation in the government’s security cameras of the city of Buenos Aires.

“EL PITAZO” (Big whistle noise) Collective action. Since the social crisis of the 19/20 December 2001, all the parks and other public spaces in Buenos Aires, began to be enclosed with fences and security cameras. The guards blow their whistles to control and kick people out of the parks. The action consisted in distributing hundreds of whistles among the people, blowing them at the same time as the security guards and thus creating an urban sound intervention against repression and for the free use of public spaces.

“SI-LOGO” taking as a reference point of the park the fair itself, was made an improvised exhibition about the processes of destruction / construction of States through the t-shirts collected during the last decade: “Sem Terra movement,” “they don’t represent us”,” Coca-Cola “,” Palestinian State “and other famous pieces exhibited between the runners of the show.

With the sunset, the walk finishes with a stellar performance in the telescopic of  the Astronomical Observatory which helping to enjoy both faces of the Moon (and Jupiter) looking up to the new constellations which grows from the oldest cosmogonies of the marxian re-evolution.

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