Participants: Loreto Garín Guzmán / Federico Zukerfeld / Mathijs de Bruijne / Hernán Cardinale / Ezequiel Monteros / Jenny Wolka / Alejandra Fenochio / Carlos Trilnick / Marilina Winik / Pablo Struchi / Solcito Struchi Winik/ Elke Linders / Fabián Crespi / Sergio Lammana / Jeremy Rubenstein / Ezequiel Verona / Tania Quevedo / Azul Blaseotto / Eduardo Molinari / Matías Roldán/ Elke Linders / Juan Panadero Saraví/ Bony Bullrich / Mariano Gómez /Axel Varela/  Fernando Rubio /Nedjma / Salvador / Marthe-Hélène / Anonymous / el asunto / Asociación CRIA. 
: Hernán Cardinale / Mathijs de Bruijne. Video: Cristian Tápies / Audio: Sofía Ruiz/
Special thanks:  Ayreen Anastas & Rene Gabri/ Asamblea Interbarrial Parque Centenario.

Federico Zukerfeld / Loreto Garí­n Guzmán.
are cofounders of the group Etcetera… at the end of 1997, together with other artists.
In 1998 they moved into the house-printing shop of the surrealist artist Juan Andralis, who in the 50s and 60s played an active role in the Paris group led by Breton. During the 90s they took part with artworks, manifestos and actions, in organizing “escraches” in the human-rights movement together with the H.I.J.O.S. human rights organization. Since 2002, Etcetera… has taken part in international shows, presentations and conferences. In 2005, along with artists and intellectuals from different parts of the world, they founded the International Errorist movement, which vindicates errors as a philosophy of life. In 2006 they joined the coordination team of La Normalidad (Normality, the third part of the ExArgentina project) During 2009-2010 they were curators of the exhibition “Reciprocity” in CCEBA, Cultural Center of Spain in Buenos Aires. Currently, they coordinate ESPEJOS (MIRRORS). The project has started with the experiment  “CRISIS & REPRESENTATION” as part of  “And, And, And” events. A main part of the project will be the exhibition “El Camino Incierto al Pais de las Maravillas” (Rocky Road to Wonderland) during the months of May-June 2012 at Cultural Centre for Memory Haroldo Conti located in the E.S.M.A, building of the former military school and concentration camp during the last dictatorship which was expropriated and recovered in 2004, transforming it into museum and national archive of memory.

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